Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thing #10-Week 5 - Image Generator

willie with impression
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Thing 10 - playing online with photos and image generators was the most frazzled activity yet for me. Due to variable speed of the internet and constant drops in bandwidth, working with photos is intensive. I was only able to save the photo of our dog, Willie. I tried several tools, again the Big Huge Labs, home of Flickr toys was the easiest, and smoothest. I tried the Cartoon Creator at the Image Chef, after two days, I got this message from them: "We're sorry - this feature is not compatible with Macs." NO WONDER...just wish that was noted on their home page. So, no ah has, and I wonder just how much I would use these generators in "serious" work for school or professional development, due to the time-intensive tasks. Fun, yet not something I feel is worth the time involved. Part of my learning style, sequential linear thinking, time = money; money = work; I like to work, but not this hard for the time required for the results. Cute dog however...


  1. Hi Laurie

    I have heard from others that have inconsistant internet that the image generators are some of the most frustrating - I wounder if the kids would be more patient with it.... on the other hand maybe they would be even less willing to keep at it. I know that I am always very frustrated when things take too long to load and my ideas about what is a reasonable time to load have shrunk. I am really rather spoiled I think.

  2. Sorry to hear about your frustrations. If all components/criteria are met, it is a very useful tool. I don't know if you've seen/used Comic Life, but I found Big Huge Labs to be a lot easier AND the students could do same type of projects without having to worry about being tied to a specific program. In one project/unit, I had students from 2nd through 5th grade create trading cards, movie posters, and magazine covers for Lincoln's Bicentennial celebration. With the first class, we had a problem with uploading images because too many of us (schoolwide) were using the server. So then I just had kids work in groups and that worked out so well that all classes worked in groups. Those who finished early could then explore another president and create.