Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 2 -- Things #3 & #4

My blog is posted and registered with Ravenaboutweb2.0, and I feel a bit relieved. For several weeks I've been procrastinating, and trying to make an avatar without registering with Yahoo, but finally bit the bullet and used the suggested avatar creator. I didn't want do sign up for yet another web-based service provider who would have my name, but trying to use other avatar-creating sites was very cumbersome. Thank you for introducing me to Yahoo's service, and its useful creator, it was simple, once I got rid of that feeling of constraint. Now I will see if I can delete my name from them! So, I guess there's another habit I need to work on: #3, view obstacles as Learning experiences, one I thought I was positive about!
I hope to hear from some of you to commiserate our challenges that provide us with new ideas!

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