Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Motivational Posters Made Easy-Week 3-Thing #6

I spent some time touring around the various tools that work with Flickr. Ah if only I could remember my html a bit better. I created this motivational poster with fd's flickr toys, part of bighugelabs products that are great tools for the developer. I only wish the formatting didn't have so many spaces around the photos. like this photo:My creation I want this text to wrap around it without the space to either side, but it isn't behaving!! It's an ongoing tweaking process.
I was amazed how many tools bighugelabs offers, one could play all day! I love the poster-making and playing card-making tools, and see that the use of these tools very useful in the librarian's teaching, Battle of the Books, curriculum planning, and communicating with students. Many possibilities exist. WOW is my reaction. I found a site that posted the trading cards made by librarians, with various projects profiled. One caught my eye, a local history project in New England, in which students took photos of local sites then wrote a paragraph about them and posted them on Flickr. when I search "librarians" on Flickr, it returned over 76,000 hits...some very funny posters, like Librarians in showercaps...who has all this time?



  1. Big Huge Labs is one of my favorites! AND my students love using it. It's simple, quick, and they get immediate gratification. =]
    Susan Koike

  2. I have done some bok reviews using the trading cards and even had a group use them to help them write their mission statement.

    Big Huge Labs is a lot of fun and I really want to get my sister to send me some pictures she has of our parents from their last trip to visit her to get put in a poster that I can have framed from them.