Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 1 #1 Getting Started

Hi, as you'll notice, I don't do things in sequential order as requested, like creating the blog (#3), then reading the 7 Habits (#2), and now Getting Started(#1)...don't know if there is a Week 1 #1, but everyone else has one, so why not?
I've read the Web 2.0 text, and find that it is a great reminder of how far educational technology has come since the Apple IIe...the locus of control, as LOGO always promised, is finally in the learners' hands. The creative commons is surely in the hands of our students.
I enrolled in this course to learn more about ever-changing technology that seems seamless to our students. I want to use the tools to learn to podcast, develop an online media literacy course, and have fun. I hope to do that this summer, although it's quickly slipping away!

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  1. Well, when you commented on my blog last week you said you were just getting started and it looks like you are definitely underway! Your blog looks great and it looks as if you are working through the "things" and even have a picture of the "grandbabies" posted. This comment field is great as I have really found it interesting to read other people's blogs. We are all on the same journey and can certainly learn from and offer lots of help and moral support to each other. Good luck with the rest of the course:)