Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tutorial creation for Heritage Quest Online

My tutorial sessions took awhile: I began creating a podcast-tutorial to use Heritage Quest Online, first by capturing a live search on Jing, reminding myself why a storyboard script and rehearsal are so important, after 6 hours, gave up on that working well. Then I captured the part of every screen shot (shift-cmd-4) I wanted)= of every step in using a complete search, saved in iPhoto, created a Garage Band enhanced podcast, imported and placed the pictures. but the small size of the graphics was maddening.
So I surfed around to the other participants in the Digital class, and thought, "I might as well give Clarify-It a try" and while it took two hours, it was a wonderful way to create a tutorial, something I've been doing often this year as an ed-tech who often trains teachers to use new technology. This software would be useful for this purpose.
The promise of being able to save it to Drop Box was the only thing I was unable to accomplish, perhaps that is in the paid version. I saved it as a pdf and created a Clarify-It account for them to host my tutorial. What is really nice is that when I wanted to edit the tutorial, it allowed me to do so, and provided the same link as the first upload, just changed one sentence.
The link is;


  1. Thanks for sharing about Clarify-it.

    Did these directions not work? (under support)

  2. Ah, thanks for the link, i didn't use the help page, thank you FAIbookworm!!

  3. Geotech - You really put a lot of effort into this exercise! The finished product seems very helpful and I was wondering if you'd mind if I 1) Used it in a future Friday Bulletin and 2) Suggested that SLED link to it.

    If it's possible to change the title of your tutorial, I'd suggest changing it from Digital Pipeline :: Alaska Library Network to Digital Pipeline Heritage Quest.

    Congratulations on finishing all the lessons.

    1. Daniel, I'd be honored if you would like to use this tutorial, and changing the name is just fine with me, and I'd appreciate citation as the author if that's okay.