Saturday, May 19, 2012

5. Oxford Reference Tools

Oxford Reference
Dictionaries & Thesaurus

1.     Six dictionaries from all over the English speaking world. have entries for habeas corpus.
2.     Purpose for “browse by links” for this subject  is to have the source available to choose from rather than results of searching for  the topic. It was an interesting list of sponsored links from various news sources; then specific dictionaries and reference sources on the left column. I found this neaar the bottom that would be useful for my teachers:
Students' guide to writing dissertations & proposals
Guide to presenting and writing dissertations, essays, & proposals.
An educational site for young children, providing interactive exercises to help kids learn how to use English grammar.
A fun brain-teaser site with great word games and crosswords. 

The song by, Oscar Hammerstein "My Favorite Things"
from The Sound of Music illustrates nouns in context.

3.     14 examples of Boats and ships are found in the Visual Dictionary.
4.     I looked up helado in the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Spanish-English) and the he options available to process the information on the results screen included printing or emailing the results, widen the search, as well as search tips were offered.
5.     18 titles are available to choose from in English Language Reference
6.     The quote from John Locke is: The end of law is, not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. (From Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations in Quotations) When the search by subject is used, it puts the quotation with “abolish” in context such as “abolish serfdom” or “abolish the death penalty” and the source of the quotations. This would be useful to find various quotes easily.
7.     Searching Syria in the “maps & illustrations category” yielded 3 results, two are flags, and a map of Syria from World Maps showing its relative location in Asia.
8.     Searching for Syria in the Oxford’s Countries of the World compared to a search on their World Encyclopedia, I note the former has up-to-date information that would be very helpful with current events and cause-and-effect-relationship analysis. Links to websites are also included.The latter, is more like a general encyclopedia, with the flags, map, statistics, and detailed history going back to the Hitites.
9.     Searching the Quick Search Box for the term "recycling”, 25 entries are in the results screen. This type of refinement be useful to help narrow a search. Besides numerous definitions in various fields, illustrations and maps are available.

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  1. Excellent tour through Oxford Reference. Glad you found a few useful tools,and happy spring!