Monday, May 7, 2012

#4a Homework Helper

Using Student Center, get real time help from a tutor with one question from one of these articles:

"Can You Pass This Final 8th-Grade Exam from 1895?"
I chose this to attempt because I was wondering what an 8th grade education might entail. I knew very few of the answers! It really changed my mind about what an 8th grade education meant over 100 years ago. I contacted the tutor, and he or she helped me through the question, “Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic”. I told the tutor I knew very little about math, and made a guess of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication as four of the rules… The tutor suggested that I try to think of the answer, he didn’t simply give it to me, he asked questions such as: can you think of what that might be? Or you are very close, it does involve numbers. The tutor guided me gently, telling me there were 5 fundamentals, asking such questions, as what do you think Arithmetic means, and gave me some hints to come up with the fifth rule about numbers. This was eye-opening, and very helpful.

2. I am searching for a new job, so I made use of Job Center to upload a recent cover letter for review and feedback. I created what I thought was a decent letter, and although it took over 45 minutes, I appreciate the help the tutor gave me, he thoroughly went through the letter, highlighting what to delete, gave suggestions for what to add, and asked me questions throughout the process to make my letter more descriptive of my skills. This is a fantastic resource, that too few people know about! I hope to spread the word about this.

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