Thursday, March 21, 2013

Uc Merced

The academic library world is a different place from school librarianship, where I was a cataloger, purchaser, and teacher.  At the university, I find that to properly prepare for library instruction I'm spending 20-30 hours of office time researching their topics' information and preparing presentation materials. The topics are much more in-depth than the high school history or English teachers' were, and often, I do research to understand the important related concepts.
view of campus from Lake Yosemite Park
Of course, the university student has different needs from the high school student, or do they? I ponder this as I've been working with underclassmen, who like their younger counterparts, continue to procrastinate by putting off large research assignments until it's almost too late, yet find plenty of time for social media and conversation. The conversations and coffee gatherings are intent on unlocking the key to understandings, and I often wish i could join in to learn more. The UC Merced's beautiful library setting is conducive to collaboration and connections for students, as it is to its staff. Learning something new every day is exciting yet exhausting! I look forward to spring break, as students are as well, er, some students, because those who haven't begun to formulate their research proposals have some work ahead of them. Some will go home and enjoy respite, pampering and rest, like in high school, but many will not rest well. There's not much snow, so the downhill rush will have to be on dry land, perhaps in the library! Enjoy!

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