Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The thought of retirement must have frightened me, not being useful, spending my days at the sewing machine or computer, gaining weight! So I offered to help out rural schools, and now I'm in Karluk, at the southwest end of Kodiak Island this week, subbing for the elementary aide. It is fun to work with students in reading, science, Alaska History and math, especially when their needs are diverse and their skills varied. How to make learning fun as well and meaningful and useful is the quandary I always mull over, and ask myself, am I making a difference?
The students are respectful, joyous and a pleasure to work with, as are their teachers, Russ & Claudia Scotter. I'm learning something new every day myself. Do I want to return to elementary teaching? IT's exhausting and often stressful, but I find I want to stick around and see how they progress! More soon!

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